QUICK READ: Delta Is Unblocking the Middle Seat, Lower Prices Ahead

I don’t keep many notifications turned on for my phone. Between a group chat for work already blowing me up and my desire to limit phone usage, I try not to create reasons to check my phone with dopamine-inducing *dings.* One app I do have notifications on for is Hopper – an easy-to-use, flight and hotel search engine.

I don’t know if I actually turned them on, or if I just never turned them off.

I get a notification that Delta has flights under $300 to San Jose, Costa Rica, which I haven’t seen all year. It has been primarily a battle between American Airlines and Spirit. NerdWallet recently released an article ranking the Best Airlines to Fly During COVID-19, and Delta consistently won out in different categories, saying “it wasn’t even close.” I’ve always enjoyed flying with them, which happened often for annual trips down to Florida from the D.C. area. Atlanta, their headquarters location, was the transfer section for two-leg flights.

I look forward to returning to Terminals.

This morning, Rachel texts me an article from CNN saying that Delta would resume booking middle seats (the last airline to start doing this again) on flights starting May 1 due to rising demand for flights and confidence in vaccinations.

I haven’t been on a plane since pre-pandemic travel, so I have no way to know how this will affect the look and process of air travel going forward. We will see.

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