Packing For Paris

Tomorrow, we’re flying out of Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) heading towards Charles de Gaulle in Paris. With a little over 24 hours until we start the drive to the airport, it’s about time I start thinking about what to pack (I know, I know, that’s way too far ahead of time and I’m tooContinue reading “Packing For Paris”

Top 10 Foods You Have To Try In Mexico (and Drinks!)

Tacos. 1 word. 5 letters. Publish. To be serious for a moment, Mexico is home to an incredibly expansive gastronomy. It’s so well regarded that (along with the French meal), in 2010, became the first UNESCO-protected cuisine. Current menu offerings include long-lasting traditional foods that are a blend of pre-Hispanic ingredients like peppers and maizeContinue reading “Top 10 Foods You Have To Try In Mexico (and Drinks!)”

Top 5 Popular Mexican Foods You Won’t Actually Find In Mexico (and 5 you will)

Before you head off to Mexico expecting to live off of your usual order at the local Tex-Mex restaurant, know that Mexican cuisine is a bit different than what you may be expecting. After spending several months in the country, I’ve put together a quick list of the top 5 popular foods you won’t actuallyContinue reading “Top 5 Popular Mexican Foods You Won’t Actually Find In Mexico (and 5 you will)”

Looking For A New Book In Mexico City

Three hours north of Mexico City (CDMX) is the city of Santiago de Querétaro. Here is where we spent the first couple weeks of 2023. I finished my first book of the year – Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier, one of my new favorites of all-time – and was left in need ofContinue reading “Looking For A New Book In Mexico City”