I’m Kelton, the author of these stories.

KeltonGoes was created as a way to curate the memories of my travels and present them in an entertaining way that can still give you a tip or two.

I’m not a seasoned traveler with half the world under my belt like other bloggers. However, I have been to a handful of countries and want to provide some insight to those who may be first-time, second-time, or just newer travelers.

I want to answer the questions that you might not know to ask.

In this blog, you will find stories that will inspire you to explore the globe, tips on how to overcame obstacles during your adventures, and how it really feels to travel.

You can reach me at keltoncopywriter@gmail.com

Currently 15/196 and 18/50

USA, Dominican Republic, Mexico, France, Belgium, Italy, Vatican City, Greece, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Canada, Thailand, Japan, Iceland, Portugal