John-Suwan Viewpoint – The Best View On Koh Tao

OUR ADVENTURES AROUND THE SOUTHERN TIP OF THE ISLAND On Koh Tao, the biggest tourism lure is scuba diving. You get the chance to see an incredible array of fish, coral, and various sea critters. However, there’s another fantastic reward if you reverse the verticality and climb above sea level. We stayed at The Place,Continue reading “John-Suwan Viewpoint – The Best View On Koh Tao”

Getting a Sak Yant in Thailand

Tattoos are polarizing. Some people are completely against them, describing them as heretical, rebellious to society, or just tacky. Others, like myself, see them as art. We see them as reflections of our personality, either through sentimental imagery or just a picture we like. Sak yants are deeper than that. Peformed by monks, they offerContinue reading “Getting a Sak Yant in Thailand”

How To Stay In Luxury On A Budget In Koh Tao, Thailand

The smallest of the three islands in the Koh Samui Archipelago, Koh Tao, isn’t as popular as its larger neighbors in terms of partying and vacationing, but it one of the most popular spots in the world for obtaining your scuba licensing. The island was, for the most part, abandoned until the 1980s-90s, meaning itsContinue reading “How To Stay In Luxury On A Budget In Koh Tao, Thailand”

How To Help Save Elephants In Thailand

I’ve definitely thought about riding an elephant. Bruising through the trees atop a 4-ton behemoth, claiming your throne as Hannibal of the jungle. But this thought is best left as just that… a thought. A vast majority of Thailand’s elephants live in captivity, with the estimated 2000 still in the wild being declared endangered dueContinue reading “How To Help Save Elephants In Thailand”

How To Arrive In Thailand

Using every form of transportation to get to Koh Tao When you fly into Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK), it will most likely be a late night flight, having you land sometime near midnight. Despite the influx of international flights, getting through customs is fairly quick. We chose a taxi because our hotel wasn’t close to anyContinue reading “How To Arrive In Thailand”

A Guide To An 8-Hour Layover In Tokyo

As a way to break up the long journey home from Thailand, we stopped at Narita Airport (NRT) for an 8 hour layover. You have a couple options at this point: Stay at the airport – which isn’t a bad idea because it is clean, navigable, and the ramen we found was delicious. Or youContinue reading “A Guide To An 8-Hour Layover In Tokyo”