A Day In Sintra – Part 2

In the last post, I talked about getting to Sintra and making your way through the historic downtown to Pena Palace. In this post, we’ll explore the colorful castle, as well as other nearby sites. Palácio da Pena Pena Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, began its history as a monastery before the great 1755Continue reading “A Day In Sintra – Part 2”

Quick Read: A Day Trip to Olhão

As mentioned in my last post about what to do in Faro for 2-3 days, I suggested taking a quick and easy train ride over to the water-side town of Olhão. Arriving beside the courthouse, you take a walk through the town until you pop out by a Continente grocery store and now you canContinue reading “Quick Read: A Day Trip to Olhão”

How To Spend 2-3 Days in Faro, Portugal

As part of our contingency plan to deviate from Seville, Spain and avoid crossing borders more than necessary during COVID, we ended up taking a train from Porto down to Faro. When To Go We left the northern city on a Saturday morning and departed Faro on Tuesday, essentially giving us a weekend in theContinue reading “How To Spend 2-3 Days in Faro, Portugal”

The Algarve – Hiking The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail

Finding the silver lining in an otherwise uncertain situation is among the best tools for enjoying life and travel. While COVID-19 has created innumerable hardships, it is how we ended up with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world to ourselves. During our recent trip to Portugal, we had originally planned to slideContinue reading “The Algarve – Hiking The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail”

How To Pack For Travel As A Diabetic

Among the many responsibilities you carry as a diabetic, when you are traveling, you have to make sure you bring along all of the items that make it possible for you to survive. Some of these are dependent on what type you are and what you have access to. Nonetheless, this is what I carryContinue reading “How To Pack For Travel As A Diabetic”

Top 10 Things To Do In Porto, Portugal

Coming to Portugal, there are three main areas you’re likely going to explore. You’ll probably fly into Lisbon and maybe explore one of the beach towns in the Algarves, but our favorite city in Portugal was definitely Porto in the northern third of the country. It’s laid back lifestyle, picturesque views, and never-ending supply ofContinue reading “Top 10 Things To Do In Porto, Portugal”

The Maryland Renaissance Festival

As the summer ends and fall approaches, what do you associate this time of year with? The leaves changing colors? Halloween? Almost time for Harry Potter movie-thons? Me? It’s Renn Faire season, baby! For the past decade, I’ve been using August-October as a chance to dress up in period costume, shout for guys wearing kiltsContinue reading “The Maryland Renaissance Festival”

What To Pack For Portugal

During our recent trip to Portugal, I decided to document what I packed before hand and what I would change for a future trip. You’ll find that I like to travel in what I consider “shoulder season” where it’s not as busy as high-season meaning costs come down and it’s not as slow as low-seasonContinue reading “What To Pack For Portugal”

Sedona, Arizona – A Two-Day Guide

Continued from Part 1. Getting there You’re likely going to be coming in from Phoenix from the south via I-17. It’s a straight shot until you get to exit 298 which puts you on state highway 179, aptly called the Red Rock Scenic Byway. After spending the previous hour and a half plus going overContinue reading “Sedona, Arizona – A Two-Day Guide”

Sedona, Arizona – Arriving In The Desert

Rachel and I were a phone call away from moving to the southwestern United States in late 2019. The desert vibe really called to us and I love the heat. I enjoy when my face is melting off from the toasty warmth of the sun. When things fell through, we still kept talking about exploringContinue reading “Sedona, Arizona – Arriving In The Desert”