Iceland – Vík To Höfn

Continued from Part 1. From here, we headed east along the Ring Road. We took a few short stops during our drive, but one was extra epic. There was a gravel road that ran off of the highway and we decided to follow it. Thankfully, we had a 4×4 vehicle because this drive was bumpy.Continue reading “Iceland – Vík To Höfn”

Iceland – Keflavík To Vík

Our Roadtrip Around The Southern Half Of The Island Nation Rachel responded to a post she saw on Instagram from a couples photographer who was looking to go to Iceland and invited a couple along to split the cost in exchange for a photo shoot. This was how we met Anna. I knew of IcelandContinue reading “Iceland – Keflavík To Vík”

Taking A Road Trip To Toronto – Pt. 2

Continued from Pt. 1 Despite dorming with seven other guys, it was pretty easy to get access to the bathroom. I took a shower, got dressed, and set off for some breakfast. The first thing I got excited about (I was a little too visibly happy about this) was all of the black squirrels runningContinue reading “Taking A Road Trip To Toronto – Pt. 2”