Are The Gondolas Of Venice Worth It?

Venice was nothing like I expected. One of the most famous cities in the world, I had imagined a thriving metropolis with all of the usual characters – traffic, brand names, and bumbling crowds. Instead, I was met with what become one of my favorite cities in the world. With a population of about 60,000Continue reading “Are The Gondolas Of Venice Worth It?”

Iceland – Keflavík To Vík

Our Roadtrip Around The Southern Half Of The Island Nation Rachel responded to a post she saw on Instagram from a couples photographer who was looking to go to Iceland and invited a couple along to split the cost in exchange for a photo shoot. This was how we met Anna. I knew of IcelandContinue reading “Iceland – Keflavík To Vík”

Understanding The Pyramid of Positive Thinking

How I Completely Missed The Purpose Of This Art Piece Along our trek back from Aldea Zama, I wanted to stop by an art installation that I had read about, the Pyramid of Positive thinking. It was right along our path back to the resort. The structure starts with a path that winds through theContinue reading “Understanding The Pyramid of Positive Thinking”

Finding Aldea Zama

In previous posts, I mentioned how our resort was on a never-ending, dusty road and we were forced to walk for what seemed like an eternity to get anywhere. That’s what we thought until one day we noticed a few cars were turning right off of the road onto a bumpy, sandy side street. AContinue reading “Finding Aldea Zama”