How To Cook In An Airbnb | Mexico Guide 2023

Why Should I? Yeah, I know. You’re in Mexico, the land of arguably the best food in the world. Why on Earth would you want to cook a meal when you have an endless menu of taco stands and enchilada dishes around every corner. Despite this, there are several reasons you may want to stayContinue reading “How To Cook In An Airbnb | Mexico Guide 2023”

Why We’re Still Using Airbnb

Despite the recent (warranted) backlash against hosts, we still have opted to stay in Airbnbs for our upcoming visit to Mexcio. At first, I wanted to book our first stay and just go with the flow, moving around when we were done with a location and book our next accommodation as we went. However, withContinue reading “Why We’re Still Using Airbnb”