Understanding The Pyramid of Positive Thinking

How I Completely Missed The Purpose Of This Art Piece Along our trek back from Aldea Zama, I wanted to stop by an art installation that I had read about, the Pyramid of Positive thinking. It was right along our path back to the resort. The structure starts with a path that winds through theContinue reading “Understanding The Pyramid of Positive Thinking”

Finding Aldea Zama

In previous posts, I mentioned how our resort was on a never-ending, dusty road and we were forced to walk for what seemed like an eternity to get anywhere. That’s what we thought until one day we noticed a few cars were turning right off of the road onto a bumpy, sandy side street. AContinue reading “Finding Aldea Zama”

Relaxing At An Oasis In Tulum

The sun was hot, beating straight down on us. The trees that flanked the dusty road did nothing to shade us from the heat. We were walking from our AirBnb from the previous night to our resort that we would stay at for the remainder of the trip. As we passed a semi-busy looking resortContinue reading “Relaxing At An Oasis In Tulum”

We Rode Bikes To The Tulum Ruins… And They Were Closed!

Our recent trip to Tulum was largely for rest and relaxation purposes, especially after the obstacles that jumped in our way. Still, there were a few occasions where we wanted to leave the sanctity of our little jungle oasis to go exploring. One day, we rented a pair of bicycles from our resort – theseContinue reading “We Rode Bikes To The Tulum Ruins… And They Were Closed!”

How To Get To Tulum From The Cancun Airport

So you’ve just arrived in beautiful, hot Mexico. You’ve ditched the sweatshirt you were wearing on the cool flight down and your sunglasses are on. Your next step is getting to your hotel, hostel, AirBnb, or wherever you’re staying in Tulum. Here are four options to fit your travel style and budget: 1. Taxi TheContinue reading “How To Get To Tulum From The Cancun Airport”

We’re Cancelling Our Costa Rica Trip – How To Call An Audible On Your Trip In 2021

COVID-19 is frustrating. We just had to cancel our trip to Costa Rica that was supposed to happen in less than 48 hours. The country was one of the only places in the world that was allowing U.S. citizens in without the need for vaccination, negative testing, or quarantine periods (the latter-most being the biggestContinue reading “We’re Cancelling Our Costa Rica Trip – How To Call An Audible On Your Trip In 2021”

A Weekend In Charlotte – Pt. 2

Continued from Part 1 The plan was to sleep in and recharge after a long week of early mornings, but our body’s alarm clock woke us up with the sun. Luckily, we took a nice, long time to wake up and get ready. A short trip to a nearby Goodwill (Rachel runs a brilliant, thrift-basedContinue reading “A Weekend In Charlotte – Pt. 2”

A Weekend In Charlotte – Pt. 1

Weekend getaways are among my favorite things in the world. I have always had a hard time staying home, whether it was a weekend from school when I was younger or my days off from work now. Realizing I had a weekend off (I work at a job that is open 7 days a weekContinue reading “A Weekend In Charlotte – Pt. 1”

QUICK READ: Driving from Maryland to Charlotte, NC.

For a quick weekend trip, we went down to visit some friends in Charlotte – it’s about a 6.5 hour drive from west-central Maryland where we live. The drive is mostly along one of my least favorite highways, I-81, but it wasn’t too bad for the way down. Starting from Frederick, MD, I can eitherContinue reading “QUICK READ: Driving from Maryland to Charlotte, NC.”

Finding A Good Time In Cancún For Cinco De Mayo

In 2019, I hit 5 years at my current job, which unlocked an extra week vacation I could use each year. With this new time and the wanderlust from having just returned from Iceland, I implored Rachel to book another flight with me. I told her that we could do somewhere inexpensive and easy, likeContinue reading “Finding A Good Time In Cancún For Cinco De Mayo”