Top 10 Foods You Have To Try In Mexico (and Drinks!)

Tacos. 1 word. 5 letters. Publish. To be serious for a moment, Mexico is home to an incredibly expansive gastronomy. It’s so well regarded that (along with the French meal), in 2010, became the first UNESCO-protected cuisine. Current menu offerings include long-lasting traditional foods that are a blend of pre-Hispanic ingredients like peppers and maizeContinue reading “Top 10 Foods You Have To Try In Mexico (and Drinks!)”

Top 5 Popular Mexican Foods You Won’t Actually Find In Mexico (and 5 you will)

Before you head off to Mexico expecting to live off of your usual order at the local Tex-Mex restaurant, know that Mexican cuisine is a bit different than what you may be expecting. After spending several months in the country, I’ve put together a quick list of the top 5 popular foods you won’t actuallyContinue reading “Top 5 Popular Mexican Foods You Won’t Actually Find In Mexico (and 5 you will)”

Looking For A New Book In Mexico City

Three hours north of Mexico City (CDMX) is the city of Santiago de Querétaro. Here is where we spent the first couple weeks of 2023. I finished my first book of the year – Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier, one of my new favorites of all-time – and was left in need ofContinue reading “Looking For A New Book In Mexico City”

What I Love About Guanajuato

As I sit at my current Airbnb’s bistro table with a pillow under my butt to provide some semblance of a comfortable working space, I’m figuring out last minute logistics to get from my current city of Santiago de Querétaro to Ciudad de México. The bus will leave the next day and I’m excited toContinue reading “What I Love About Guanajuato”

Finding A Good Time In Cancún For Cinco De Mayo

In 2019, I hit 5 years at my current job, which unlocked an extra week vacation I could use each year. With this new time and the wanderlust from having just returned from Iceland, I implored Rachel to book another flight with me. I told her that we could do somewhere inexpensive and easy, likeContinue reading “Finding A Good Time In Cancún For Cinco De Mayo”