Chatting With Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT)

You may remember my post on artificial intelligence and how it fit into art. Recently, the company behind DALL-E 2, OpenAI, launched ChatGPT. Described as a language model, it’s essentially a chatbot that you type to and it answers with human-like responses. As I already had an account with OpenAI from my days exploring theContinue reading “Chatting With Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT)”

Pennsylvania Renn Fest 2022

Huzzah my fair Lords and Ladies. With COVID restrictions lifted and no other trips to interfere this fall (ie Portugal), we were finally able to return to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival after a three year hiatus. While the Maryland Renn Fest has continued to offer the merriment and amusements we seek each year as theContinue reading “Pennsylvania Renn Fest 2022”

Making Art With Artificial Intelligence (DALL-E, NightCafe, StarryAI)

When I first heard about artificial intelligence (AI), it was in the realm of a robot-led new world order a la HAL 9000 or Skynet. Today, it’s become more synonymous with NFTs and machine learning. The level of sophistication that we have gotten to is insane. We have computer scripts that have learned to writeContinue reading “Making Art With Artificial Intelligence (DALL-E, NightCafe, StarryAI)”

3 Books To Delve Deeper Into Your Travels

Sometimes we read for fantasy, but other times we want to learn. As you explore your corner of the world and learn the stories of people you meet, there are instances where you’ll want to know just a little bit more. Why are things the way they are? What molded history in a manner thatContinue reading “3 Books To Delve Deeper Into Your Travels”

Tattoos And Diabetes

Can I get a tattoo if I’m diabetic? Whether you have Type-1, Type-2, or another form of diabetes, there are plenty of extra questions to ask when considering putting ink to skin, but to shed light quickly on that broad question, I’ll tell you now – yes you can! Before we make that consultation orContinue reading “Tattoos And Diabetes”

The 5 Day, 5 Things Minimalist Challenge

I’ve always considered myself a semi-minimalist. I’m very rarely tempted to buy things and my collection of material goods isn’t very vast. I probably spend less than $150 on new clothes every year. That being said, I don’t have a completely empty apartment either, with nothing but floor space and sleek, sharp-angled furniture. I’m somewhereContinue reading “The 5 Day, 5 Things Minimalist Challenge”

The Maryland Renaissance Festival

As the summer ends and fall approaches, what do you associate this time of year with? The leaves changing colors? Halloween? Almost time for Harry Potter movie-thons? Me? It’s Renn Faire season, baby! For the past decade, I’ve been using August-October as a chance to dress up in period costume, shout for guys wearing kiltsContinue reading “The Maryland Renaissance Festival”

4 Books To Satisfy Your Wanderlust (Spring 2021)

While borders continue to be restricted and travel seems just out of reach to most, there are other ways to feed the travel bug while we wait for the world to reopen. Whether your travels are to learn about other cultures or escape from the daily routine, books offer a fantastic outlet. Below are 4Continue reading “4 Books To Satisfy Your Wanderlust (Spring 2021)”

My Favorite Cocktails From Around The World – Pt.1

Sazerac – New Orleans, USA The Sazerac embodies the spirit of New Orleans. From the first sight to the last sip, its an ever-evolving experience that emulates a walk through the city. The sight of the low washline in the glass bears resemblance to the city sitting below sea level, which is still evident onContinue reading “My Favorite Cocktails From Around The World – Pt.1”