You Thought Gas Prices Were High?

Whether you’ve failed to avoid a coworker in the breakroom at work or you’re scrolling past Snoop Dogg-themed “how high r u?” memes, or you’ve been misfortunate enough to have a long commute in the morning and need the fuel to make the journey, chances are you’ve made small talk about the ever-increasing price ofContinue reading “You Thought Gas Prices Were High?”

How To Pack For Travel As A Diabetic

Among the many responsibilities you carry as a diabetic, when you are traveling, you have to make sure you bring along all of the items that make it possible for you to survive. Some of these are dependent on what type you are and what you have access to. Nonetheless, this is what I carryContinue reading “How To Pack For Travel As A Diabetic”

Unexpected News

I was going to post this either on my birthday (end of June) or as my 50th post, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Case in point… I was diagnosed as diabetic at the end of April, 2021 and confirmed as Type-1 at the beginning of June. This, obviously, puts a new obstacleContinue reading “Unexpected News”