Why You Should Visit The Catacombs of Paris

*Warning – some may find pictures below disturbing* There aren’t many things that I’m afraid of. Bears, snakes, spiders, no problem. I’ll pet the biggest lion or the slimiest slug. But there are a few things I won’t tread near – the creepy beasts of the world beneath us. I mean… have you seen aContinue reading “Why You Should Visit The Catacombs of Paris”

How To Help Save Elephants In Thailand

I’ve definitely thought about riding an elephant. Bruising through the trees atop a 4-ton behemoth, claiming your throne as Hannibal of the jungle. But this thought is best left as just that… a thought. A vast majority of Thailand’s elephants live in captivity, with the estimated 2000 still in the wild being declared endangered dueContinue reading “How To Help Save Elephants In Thailand”

Cruising Around The Aegean Sea

I never considered taking a cruise before. I envisioned them as either too family-friendly with kids running around, screaming, being in the way or full of old, entitled people, playing bingo and white washing the culture in all of their destinations. I was mostly wrong. As part of my trip to Greece through a groupContinue reading “Cruising Around The Aegean Sea”

How To Explore Prague In A Day

Prague is one of the most walkable cities that I have ever been to. It’s winding, cobblestone streets leading towards Old Town Square are dotted with shops, pubs, restaurants, and more. You can easily pass people without the awkward struggle of waiting for them to make space for you or jumping out of the wayContinue reading “How To Explore Prague In A Day”

Where Beer Is Cheaper Than Water

Jedno privo, prosim. One beer, please. Roughly 100km northeast from the birthplace of the pilsner, Prague is home to beer that is literally cheaper than water. And it’s good beer, too. The Czech Republic consumes near 192 liters per capita every year. That’s nearly double the next closest nation, Austria (107 liters per capita), andContinue reading “Where Beer Is Cheaper Than Water”

My Favorite Cocktails From Around The World – Pt.1

Sazerac – New Orleans, USA The Sazerac embodies the spirit of New Orleans. From the first sight to the last sip, its an ever-evolving experience that emulates a walk through the city. The sight of the low washline in the glass bears resemblance to the city sitting below sea level, which is still evident onContinue reading “My Favorite Cocktails From Around The World – Pt.1”

How To Arrive In Thailand

Using every form of transportation to get to Koh Tao When you fly into Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK), it will most likely be a late night flight, having you land sometime near midnight. Despite the influx of international flights, getting through customs is fairly quick. We chose a taxi because our hotel wasn’t close to anyContinue reading “How To Arrive In Thailand”

Taking A Road Trip To Toronto – Pt. 2

Continued from Pt. 1 Despite dorming with seven other guys, it was pretty easy to get access to the bathroom. I took a shower, got dressed, and set off for some breakfast. The first thing I got excited about (I was a little too visibly happy about this) was all of the black squirrels runningContinue reading “Taking A Road Trip To Toronto – Pt. 2”

Taking A Road Trip To Toronto – Pt. 1

Having just returned from two multi-week trips to Europe, I was in full-on wanderlust mode and ready for more. I was binging some travel channels on YouTube one day when I stumbled across a few solo travel videos. I had never traveled alone before, mostly because of my innate introverted personality. Looking back at thisContinue reading “Taking A Road Trip To Toronto – Pt. 1”