7 Ways To Have A GREAT Weekend In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a fantastic place to enjoy an extended weekend. Known for its raving sports fans and its historical significance to the founding of the United States, Philly can provide so much more and these experiences aren’t hard to find. Here are seven ways I recommend enjoying a short trip to the city of brotherlyContinue reading “7 Ways To Have A GREAT Weekend In Philadelphia”

How To Stay In Luxury On A Budget In Koh Tao, Thailand

The smallest of the three islands in the Koh Samui Archipelago, Koh Tao, isn’t as popular as its larger neighbors in terms of partying and vacationing, but it one of the most popular spots in the world for obtaining your scuba licensing. The island was, for the most part, abandoned until the 1980s-90s, meaning itsContinue reading “How To Stay In Luxury On A Budget In Koh Tao, Thailand”

4 Books To Satisfy Your Wanderlust (Spring 2021)

While borders continue to be restricted and travel seems just out of reach to most, there are other ways to feed the travel bug while we wait for the world to reopen. Whether your travels are to learn about other cultures or escape from the daily routine, books offer a fantastic outlet. Below are 4Continue reading “4 Books To Satisfy Your Wanderlust (Spring 2021)”

What Is The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon?

As you know, COVID created a gigantic barrier to travel – borders closed, events cancelled, plans forgotten. Workspaces moved home and meetings went digital. The roads were empty (I really enjoyed the highway on my daily commute to work) and everyone stayed inside. While many people developed new at-home hobbies (I definitely did), others embracedContinue reading “What Is The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon?”

What To Do In Akureyri

Iceland has been in the news this week with consistent earthquake tremors that have led some to believe a volcanic eruption in the populated southwestern peninsula is imminent. No need to worry, however; both Reykjavík and Keflavík Airport are deemed to be out of the way of potential lava flow. While 2/3 of the IcelandicContinue reading “What To Do In Akureyri”

Why Brussels Is Where I Fell In Love With Europe

I stopped in Belgium for a brief layover between Paris and Rome. It should have been a forgettable few hours where I could find enough time to grab a bite to eat and relax before the second leg of our flight. But Brussels had a different plan for me. When we arrived at the airport,Continue reading “Why Brussels Is Where I Fell In Love With Europe”

Top 10 Things To Do In New Orleans

1. Catch a jazz show Jazz is synonymous with New Orleans. If you do one thing in this city, please see a jazz show. We were fortunate enough to grab a table at Snug Harbor and see Charmaine Neville, daughter of Charles Neville of The Neville Brothers. Great talent and some audience interaction highlighted aContinue reading “Top 10 Things To Do In New Orleans”

Staying In A Historic Cottage Near D.C.

A brief history Consistently listed among the most expensive counties in the United States to live in, Montgomery County hugs the west side of Washington, D.C. and is home to many industry leaders, especially in the biotech field. You can find city shopping centers that rival any large metropolitan area and awe-inspiring skyscrapers that don’tContinue reading “Staying In A Historic Cottage Near D.C.”

7 Things To Do On A Layover In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most famous cities in the world – and rightfully so. Its laidback atmosphere lends itself to any and all visitors. When someone tells you they’re interested in going, you might instantly think of some sex shop, weed-filled Eurotrip-esque adventure, but there’s more to the city. Much more. I look forwardContinue reading “7 Things To Do On A Layover In Amsterdam”