Meet The Virgo Voyager

Travel can be overwhelming. There’s plenty of logistics to plan through and then if something goes wrong, one flight delayed or one hotel overbooked, you need to be able to adjust accordingly. That’s what Rachel over at The Virgo Voyager is all about.

The Virgo Voyager

She does the research so you don’t have to. I have learned what fabrics to look for in clothes to travel with, how to maximize packing space, and products that you might not think about that help make your traveling easier.

You’ll see me reference her throughout my blog posts, as she is my partner, and I wanted to introduce her to you. I asked her to answer a few questions so that you could get to know her a little better.

1) Your title is The Virgo Voyager. Do you find that your astrology sign is reflected in the way that you travel?

I have always said that I am a stereotypical Virgo because I seem to fit all the characteristics to a T, and that is definitely evident in the way I approach travel.  Organization is very important to me, and while I like to leave some aspects of a trip up to spontaneity, I appreciate having the general details like lodging and transportation already planned out.  Overthinking and worrying can definitely get the best of me sometimes, but when that happens, I try to either solve the problem or take a step back and do some self-reflection to reset my thoughts.

2) What kind of message are you conveying to your audience?

While I’m still honing in on what I’d like my main focus to be, my priorities are to help my audience feel more comfortable with traveling by answering any and all questions they may have and addressing common misconceptions that may keep them from planning a trip.  I believe that traveling can be a transformative experience that brings us closer to other humans by opening our minds to different cultures, customs, and ways of living.     

3) What was a trip that left a big impression on you?

I have wanted to go back to Thailand since the second I left back in 2018.  From the happy and friendly people, to the food, to the amazing beaches and temples – there was practically nothing to dislike about Thailand.  Ok, maybe the humidity.  I could definitely see myself living there long term, 2 weeks just wasn’t enough time and there’s still so much more of the country I want to explore.    

4) To you, is traveling more about relaxing and unplugging from the day-to-day life or about challenging yourself and embracing new things?

 I’m going to choose the cop-out option and say both.  I really like a mix of the two, but in the past I’ve tended to either choose one or the other depending on the destination.  In Thailand, we jumped from activity to activity, usually collapsing in exhaustion by the end of day, but it was my favorite trip ever.  In Tulum, we relaxed by the pool most of the day, and it was exactly what I needed at the time.  I think this is why I prefer longer trips whenever possible, because then you don’t feel rushed to see all the sights and do all the activities, so you can take rest days in between.  You can learn a lot in those relaxed, unplugged days and experience the “soul” of a place that you may have overlooked before because you were rushing to your next activity.

5) What is a piece of advice you’ve received that has changed the way you travel?

You can’t control everything.  Things are bound to go wrong no matter how prepared you are.  Flights will be delayed, trains will be missed, bookings will get cancelled, you’ll get lost, you’ll slice your foot on coral while snorkeling (that might just be me), and the list goes on.  While it will be stressful in the moment, it will turn into a fun story to look back on, so don’t dwell on it.  Adapting to those unexpected challenges is how you learn and grow – and you’ll be better for it. 

If you want to follow her, check out The Virgo Voyager. Stay tuned and make sure you’re on the email list for a bunch of upcoming stories and posts.

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